אין אדם לומד תורה אלא ממקום שלבו חפץ

“A person can only learn Torah from a place where their heart desires” (Avodah Zara 19a)


“Feivel is a highly talented and passionate teacher who engages his students with his deep love of Judaism. He is kind and patient and my son looked forward to his Bar Mitvah lessons. Feivel is very organized and made the Bar Mitzvah preparation process stress free for our family.” - Yael H, Parent

“In my Hebrew lessons a unique learning environment was fostered. I felt motivated to learn because my strengths and weaknesses as a student were being taken into account. The presentation of language and culture was academically engaging. It was really helpful for my subsequent study experiences in Israel.” - Nicoleo M, 12th Grade

“Feivel was a pleasure to work with! His style of teaching encouraged and motivated my son to learn and master his Bar Mitzvah day blessings, Torah portions and Haftarah. He became a friend, not just a teacher and it wouldn’t have been the same without him! We look forward to learning with him again when the time comes for my younger son!” - Melody J, Parent

At FreelanceJudaism, we provide high quality Jewish education to students of all ages and backgrounds who want to learn. We pride ourselves on creating a positive learning environment, whether online or in person, to foster a personal connection to and deep love for Judaism and the Jewish people.
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