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Photo of Rabbi Feivel Rabbi Feivel Rubinstein, Founder/Owner

Rabbi Feivel Rubinstein founded FreelanceJudaism in 2010 in Boulder, Colorado. He was raised in a Conservative Jewish home in Los Angeles by parents who firmly believed that education matters. In addition to his public school secular education, he completed Jewish studies at Adat Shalom and at the Los Angeles Hebrew High School. Rabbi Feivel was an active participant in United Synagogue Youth (USY) and was a lifelong camper at Camp Ramah in California.

In 2019, Rabbi Feivel was ordained from the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies. He now lives in Shreveport, Louisiana with his wife, Rabbi Sydni Rubinstein who is the Rabbi of Agudath Achim. In addition to contributing to the North Louisiana Jewish Federation as their programming director, Rabbi Feivel continues to teach students both young and old, of various denominations, in private, in groups, and online.

Rabbi Feivel utilizes his passion for teaching and education to build bridges of understanding and compassion within the Jewish community and beyond. It is his dream to not only connect the Jewish people as a whole, across all sects and backgrounds, but to make its history, culture, traditions, and texts accessible to everyone, Jew and non-Jew alike.

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